Daniela Escobar shares the secret to her motivation.

May 28, 2020

Daniela attending a Vintage Pilates workshop, 2016


Daniela Escobar Says: It's the "Layers" of Pilates that Motivate her Practice

If we had to describe Daniela Escobar in a word, we would say “tough.” During the days of the Vintage Pilates studio, Daniela was committed to her weekly lessons, before, during and after her time in THE WORK™. She was always strong. But it took discipline, humility and focus for her to pull back and find the subtleties in the exercises. Even when it was frustrating, she stuck to it and kept chipping away. This takes a toughness of character that Daniela exemplifies.
So, we weren’t surprised when she said that it is what she calls the “layers” in Pilates that keep her interested in her practice. Daniela is more than a skilled Pilates practitioner and teacher. She runs her own private studio, Westwood Pilates. Her staff includes several Vintage Pilates alumni. We admire her toughness — and mastery of nuances — that allow her to continue her Pilates vision even in these uncertain times. Read her blog below!

When Sandy gave me the task to write about what motivates me in my Pilates practice, the first word that came to my mind was “layers.” Layers within each exercise, layers of understanding them in your body. That’s how I think of Pilates. There is always a new connection to be made, an undiscovered detail of an exercise to understand. Every new step is a possibility to achieve something and become stronger.

For instance, it’s that great feeling you get when you are finally able to do a fairly good horseback when for years that has been your nemesis (hello me!). Or when you get to teaser on the mat and it’s not that big of a deal anymore, you know you will be able to do it. However, you can only achieve this point after you started peeling all those layers.

If I think about my own practice and what keeps me motivated throughout all these years I’ve been doing Pilates, it’s exactly this: the new possibilities, the accomplishment of a new layer, the deeper understanding of the system. There’s always something new even in the basic work you’ve been doing since day one. And for me, that’s the magic of it!

About Westwood Pilates

Westwood Pilates is a Classical Pilates studio fully equipped with Gratz apparatus (original manufacturer of authentic Pilates equipment), providing both Private sessions and Group Classes. Now considered one of the best Classical Pilates studios in West Los Angeles, Westwood Pilates has become known to create very personalized relationships with our clients. Each year since its founding in 2013 Westwood Pilates has grown, creating a community of Pilates enthusiasts and a home away from home for beginners to seasoned teachers. The studio provides a space where people feel comfortable and welcome, no matter their age, ethnicity, gender, body type, or movement background.